Wednesday, August 4, 2010


Will spent last week in sunny Orlando attending and running the Phi Psi Grand Arch Council, while G and I hung out near home-- left to our own devices for fighting off the raging heat. After the busy work week came to an end, we spent two long luxurious days sharing popsicles, shopping for baby goodies, napping, cleaning out closets and drawers, taking just-before-dark walks and cooking.
And come Sunday night, not a single item was left unchecked on my to-do list, which may have never ever happened before. (I typically start my Mondays digging through the dryer and wondering how I got mayonnaise in my hair post-shower).

With my new super-fun hipstamatic photo app, I snapped all sorts of goodies. Among them, my sweet fuzzy Grace, pie filling post hand-pitting cherries for an hour, a growing belly shot, and then (after Will arrived back home to enjoy a much deserved week of sleeping in), he and G snoozing as I bounced off to work green with envy.

Another busy week awaits before heading off to Watervale for some much needed R&R, Michigan cherries, cool mornings and swings with books on the Watervale Inn porch. I am refining my reading stack today, which is much more exciting than the prospect of wearing my newly acquired maternity swim gear. :)

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