Thursday, September 18, 2008

Last Post from Lion's Den

Today is my last post from the big red office. It's so difficult to leave something you love and a place you've been so happy. A friend of mine recently put it so well, though. You know it's the right thing when you make the tough decision to leave something you LOVE, because you're not running from anything; not taking the first thing that comes your way because you're desperate to get out. So true, and in my case, much the opposite. I can't believe that almost three years ago, I met my friend Ashley in the lobby (still remember what she was wearing), and met some of the people that would mold and shape the next three years of my life for the first time.
I couldn't be happier or feel more grateful for the opportunity that has come my way. The timing was incredible, and it lets me know that God is working hard on my life, and taking his hand and trusting him blindly brings me incredible peace, amidst my feeling sad.
Here's to a brave new chapter and all that there is in store.

Monday, September 8, 2008

Season of Change

When Mandy and I went on vacation a few weeks ago, we commented about how this was the first fall in a long time where we didn't have a whole lot of change taking place in our lives. In the past it was always something: new job, new house, marriage, etc. One of us was always in a period of flux. This year? Well, we called ourselves boring! Ha!

I guess my wife was sick and tired of a season without change:

I am proud to announce that Mandy is shifting (albeit slightly) in her career and has accepted a new position to work for an agency called Bradley & Montgomery. I am so proud of her and this decision. While locally based, the agency offers a wide variety of national clients for my brilliant wife to stretch her growing advertising ideas.

This is not to say that she isn't a little sad to be leaving her recent home at Publicis. I'm going to miss them too. Great people and a fantastic organization. However, in the competitive world of advertising, job security and client loyalty are never guarantees, and the structure of this new job is perfect for Mandy to really settle down in. I don't think either of us expected a quick change, but it's amazing how quickly the wheels can turn when offers come calling. I am so proud of how quickly Mandy has built her professional resume and credibility here in town and I know this move will be great for everybody.

So, fall is back and we are changing again! Speaking of other fun change, we'll get pictures up on the blog soon of our new backyard, complete with patio furniture!

And, let's not forget the biggest development from this past weekend: I splurged and bought a Wii. Yep, welcome back to my life video games! I'm sure I'll have arm injury stories to report on as I continue to devlop my mad Wii skillz.

Enjoy the crisp air as fall gets closer!