Thursday, October 8, 2009

The newest addition to the family

No, Mandy is not pregnant, and I should have titled this blog entry as the temporary addition to our family. This past Monday, I was participating (for the final time this year) in my church golf league at Sahm Golf Course on the city's NE side. When I got there, I noticed this little guy walking around the outside of the pro shop and welcoming golfers on the putting green:

He was a really friendly little guy, and unfortunately the person working behind the counter really didn't have much of a plan for how to deal with a stray (unmarked) dog that randomly showed up on the golf course. Being the tree-hugging, animal protecting, improving human being that I think I am, I immediately thought of a rescue. The little fella was still loitering on the property when my match ended, and followed happily to my car where he hopped in the back seat like a seasoned pro.

After a good scrub at home, he quickly welcomed himself into our home and showed off his adorable little charm. He couldn't be any cuter.

Mandy and her mom papered the neighborhood around Sahm with 'FOUND' posters and we set up every conceivable website bulletin we could find.

Meanwhile, 'Buddy' (as he has been named by us; okay, me) has really been the best houseguest with four legs we could have asked for. He walks with us, sleeps peacefully is Grace's puppy crate and has a healthy appetite for food, napping and tummy rubs.

As for the big member of our family, Grace took a day to get used to him, but she is still trying to bring the inner Golden Retriever out of him and hopes for a game of tug or a chase around the dining room table at any point.

Mandy and I have toyed with the idea of a 2nd dog for a while now. Grace could use a buddy, pardon the pun. But Buddy really isn't the answer. He is not the aggressive, playful type, and we believe he is a little older than Grace. We will eventually get another puppy, and our experience with Buddy has reminded us about what struggles we faced with a new dog, and shown us what the daily routine (walks, bathroom breaks, feeding) would be nice with another animal. But, in the end, it has been magical to watch these two coexist, and eventually share...

Don't worry, there is a happy ending. Here we are, 72 hours after Buddy hopped into my car and we haven't heard anything from the owners. Unfortunately, I expected this, and fear that Buddy may have been the victim of a family that could not afford to take care of him anymore. Thankfully, the outpouring of support from friends and acquiantences has been amazing, and I think Buddy will be heading to his new (permanent) home tomorrow with a co-worker of mine, who along with her husband were recently talking about getting a dog... a beagle at that.

So, tonight (as Mandy flys off to San Francisco to visit her sister) will be the last night for Buddy in the Haskett household. He's been a great guest and I feel honored to have given him another chance at a loving and safe life.