Friday, April 8, 2011

It's not you (blog)...

...It's me.

For four years, Will and I have loved having a place to share what triumphs, struggles, and hilarities life has thrown our way, but our new normal (with sweet baby Hudson) leaves little time for book reports on life. I'd love to post more. I'd love to say I'll try, but the truth is, it's time to say goodbye to our little blog. Time to close this book and add it to the shelf.

In time, we'd love to start another blog-- this time with a focus. And we might just do that soon. (Very soon even!) But this one will remain frozen in time; a brief moment captured- with only the three of us (Will, Grace and I) in the masthead. So long dear readers, whoever you are (dad).

Onto new adventures as a family of four.
Thanks for coming along with us.