Monday, May 11, 2009

The month of May

Growing up in Indianapolis, the title of this blog had a racing feeling. And while the Indianapolis 500 is certainly not what it used to be, the race becomes a part of one of the greatest months of the year; a month Mandy and I can't seem to get enough of.
We will certainly have a load of hilarious pictures from our adventures at the track later this year. I started last weekend, with Pole Day. I have just one picture worthy of sharing with the world. This fine, young man is apparently a legend on Pole Day. We arrived at 10:00 and saw him with a white shirt on, with a "beer tally" on the front. Fast forward to 4:00, and he had consumed 24. This is a picture of him leading one of his many "social" calls to the crowd. (I am toasting his efforts)

I'd like to thank Miller Lite for making this picture possible. That was my shameless attempt at getting free beer for the online picture. Am I lucky enough to get a Miller Lite distributor who stumbles upon our blog?

Speaking of sponsor plugs, racecar drivers are the best at it. From female energy drinks (hot pink cars) to male-enhancement products, drivers will plug anything. But, can the combination of sponsors actually turn you off from buying their product? Scott Sharp is driving in the Indy 500 again this year and his two main sponsors are Patron tequilla and Muscle Milk. He always references them quickly in interviews, saying "the Patro tequilla Muscle Milk car..." Could there be a worse flavor combination?!?!

We have inherited a fine stack of wood to begin our spring, and our fire pit has gotten some good early workouts. Mandy and I are now addicted to smores, again. It turns out that you are never too old to like smores. I am convinced that three major corporations came together 50 years ago and created the idea of the smore to move more marshmallow, chocolate and grahm crackers. Nobody could have "accidentally" stumbled upon that creation. However, be on the lookout for these warning signs of a smore addiction:
  1. You are willing to use an indoor candle to make one when you don't have an outside fire
  2. You sacrifice the time to fully cook the marshmallow by jamming it into the fire
  3. You debate using Hershey sauce when out of chocolate bars
  4. You suggest a fire at 5:00 on a 92-degree day

Be careful!

Hopefully our relaxation in this month leads to more frequent posts about the good life. Until then, make sure you scratch the cuddly things in your life: