Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Getting Old

(Disclaimer: Apologies for lack of blogging recently. It's not that we are too busy, it's that we just aren't happy with our creative expressions :-)... 2010 promises to be a fun year with new ideas, new posts and possibly even a new blog for the sports animal in me [Will])
On to the topic at hand: Getting Old. No, this isn't one of of those posts where I complain about being older. Outside of the pain in my back (seriously, that has to stop), aging has been a wonderful experience. Granted, we're only 28 (maybe the back pain gets worse!!!), but the end of 2009 has really led me to reflect on a past decade more than I ever have. Age has given me the gift of reflection, patience and (thankfully) gratefulness. Life was a half empty cup for me up until an unknown period of time when I suddenly realized that the same cup was half full.

Back to the decades thing. I am wrapping up (almost) my third decade here. New Years Eve 1990 was nothing to me. Y2K? I remember where I was and what I was doing, but at 18-years-old, I didn't reflect on the 90's and grasp the immense changes in life.

So, here we are. On the doorstep of 2010. I think about my mindset and life in general since cheering on the ball in the wee hours of 1999 and hoping the computers wouldn't melt and eat me when the clock struck 2000 (remember that fear? It made conficker worms seem like chia pets)

In the past decade, I have been with my girlfriend/fiancee/wife for every moment. Okay, not every moment, but our lives are shared in all of it. It still feels like we are dating in moments. Not in a bad way, but in a "is this for real" type of way. I am still learning about her and interested in getting more connected.

In the past decade, I graduated from college, got my first apartment, bought my first house, got married, got a dog and climbed Mt. Everest. (All but one of those is true, but all seem as magnificent)

In the past decade, I have had three full-time employers. (Mandy is winning with 4 in that span!)

In the past decade, I have become aware of my place in the world and how my own values shape my beliefs. Yeah, I know, heavy stuff. But think about it. In 2000, I could vote, but I didn't know for who and why. Now, I know what I believe in and I am comfortable in my ability to rationally understand the news and how it affects me. I think, in many ways, September 11th shaped that for most in my generation. We instantly grew up and understood that there was a big, harsh world out there we live in.

Most importantly, the past decade all is "important" in my memory. Friends became true friends. Experiences all had lessons. And the fun was REALLY fun. The recent reflections by most media outlets on this topic really got me thinking about this whole arrangement and I am excited to move forward. I never felt like I was striving for acceptance or "my place" in life, but now I feel like my speck in the universe has a history, and that is really cool.

So, see you later 2000's! Let's build a big spread, make some festive drinks and celebrate the dawn of a new tomorrow. Happy New Year from the Haskett family, and here's hoping your next decade is the best one yet!