Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Yes, Yep, You got it, Sure, Okay, I'm in.

I caught the Jim Carey movie 'Yes Man' last weekend (such funny stuff), and while it's obviously setup in an extreme way to make its point, it's makin’ me think….

What if we really did say YES to every opportunity that knocked, every stranger who asked us for a favor, every new friend who extended an invitation, every piece of junk mail…? What would that look like?

Last night, I had dinner with some of my best girlfriends, one of whom is in a new city making new friends, and enjoyed listening to her talk about the power of Yes in her life these days. “Want to come to church with me?” Yes. “Want to join a book club?” Yes. “Want to trade ideas on graphic design?” Yes. Three “Yes’s,” to one new person, she says, and you’re on their radar.

Now, I live in the same ol’ city where I was born and raised. I know dozens, maybe hundreds, of folks and have lots of friends, a husband, a doggie and a busy career. Even with different circumstances, opening myself up to saying YES to a few new challenges (or old ones tossed by the wayside) every week might just totally change my life.

Join the neighborhood association? Yes. Become involved with my favorite Design Blogs? Yes. Order Fiat-Luxe soap from Daily Candy? Yes. Support a local Artisan? Yes. Volunteer for course directions at a race benefitting Riley? Yes. Brunch on Sunday with someone I’d love to get to know better? Yes.

Try it with me, won't you?

*Photo above is 'Yes' by Natalie Dee