Sunday, October 3, 2010

This is not a sprint,'s a Marathon

Here we go folks... rounding the corner into what will be the completion of my 30th week among the card carrying members of the preggo tribe. This leaves only single-digit weeks remaining, which somehow feels like our little guy may as well be wiggling his way to the exit any minute now.

As Will and I sat at a little candle-lit counter in Napolese last night, gabbing over the most delicious pizza in SoBro, we marveled at how fast this has all gone. Was it really March when we found out that we'd be parents? I remember driving Grace down to Bloomington the morning after I cleared CVS out of pregnancy tests (while Will was in Miami)(hey, I couldn't wait) to soak up the first few days of spring. I was still snuggled in a fleece. Now, as we round the bend into Autumn, I'm reminded how quickly time really does pass us by. In fact, I dug the same fleece out of the closet this morning for the first chilly walk of the season before realizing it didn't even begin to close around my bulging belly.

And even though I know I have at least 9 more weeks ahead of me, I can't help but remember the feeling I had running the end of the Chicago Marathon in '01. I had breezed through the first 18 miles, strode into Chinatown past my cheering section with pep in my step, and even strode into the 23rd mile feeling strong. Then, there were the last 3.2. 30 measly minuets of running after 3.7 hours, and each minute felt like a mile. Each step, up hill, alone, under the McCormick's Place tunnel, and into the sun pressed against every fiber in my being. The finish felt so close (and it was), but I knew how much harder I'd need to work just to make it that short distance. With the iconic Marathon approaching next Sunday (no, I will not be lining my big pregnant butt up at that starting line), it seems only fitting that I am entering the toughest, "shortest," but most trying part of this journey. More now than ever before, I'm so grateful to have an amazing cheering section on my course, and so happy to be feeling strong.

In other news, the nursery is nearly complete (pics soon), and we are excitedly working through details that will lead us up to and through "the most wonderful time of the year." We are soaking up any bits of quiet time, tackling all of our work trips, and burning the midnight oil to veil ourselves in the happy illusion that we might be PREPARED for him to enter our world. Which is funny b/c we have no idea what we're doing. :)

Thanks for joining us on this exciting ride.