Monday, March 31, 2008

Two people, one blog

I don't know what I am more excited about... Reading what Mandy has to say about life and her world, or seeing her reaction when I start making rambling posts about sports. So, here we go...

The one thing that has been making the rounds today in the sports world (Other than the F1 President being accused of having a Nazi-themed orgy with 5 hookers in London, nothing weird about that at all) seems to be this idea that the Final Four next weekend is a big disappointment because all of the #1 seeds have made it the Final Four for the first time ever.

I say, what's the big deal? Do we really look at the seeds of the teams this late in the tournament? I make the argument that the seeds really become worthless after the first weekend of the tournament, maybe even the first round. The teams are seeded by the Selection Committee based on their (apparent) strength to win it all. If a #14 beats a #3, it is an upset based more on perceived talent than an arbitrary number assigned to them, in my opinion.

So, are the fans who think having all #1's in the FF upset because the quality of basketball is diminished? If you had told me back in December that UCLA, UNC, Kansas and Memphis would make up the FF, I would have said, 'Great, what an entertaining weekend of basketball we have to look forward to.' I wouldn't be upset that there wasn't a Cinderella. What's boring about the best 4 teams in the country making it to the end. And, I could argue, if all 4 #10 seeds made it to the final weekend, they are the 4 best teams at the time.

I'll say it again, the seeding means nothing. It's just a guesstimation of talent trying to give some teams a bit of an advantage. But by the 3rd weekend, let's just be happy that 4 good teams will be fighting.

I can already see Mandy rolling her eyes at me right now. Yep, sports and more sports. Maybe I should have talked about the Nazi-inspired orgy after all.

Saturday, March 29, 2008

Hello World!

Welcome to our little corner of the earth! We have decided that a great way to update everyone on all exciting and funny things that happen to us daily would be to start a little blog-aroo. Will can finally unleash all of his pent up sports commentary that is sadly lost on me, and I can write about...well...anything!