Saturday, July 24, 2010

Mr. Sandman, bring me a (what was I looking for agin?)

2:00am and I have paced every non-squeaky floorboard of our 80-yr-old house, fighting the urge to somehow quietly repaint the basement walls, wash my car and start emptying all the drawers in the baby's dresser while Will sleeps. If it's your body that starts really changing at 16 weeks, 20 weeks must be all about the mind.

Because I think I might be insane.

I drove ALL the way to Anthropolgie today to return an adorable hair clip that made me look like a resident of Whoville, only to arrive and realize I had left it on the dining room table (naturally). I thought it was Sunday until 10am (it's not), and I arrived home after a lovely dinner with friends tonight feeling, well, "unsettled." Why, you ask? I HAVE NO IDEA. But the feeling is so nagging, in fact, that I'm awake. Wide awake. And irrationally angry at Will for sleeping while I'm awake... at 2:00 (I typically lose most major motor skills and the ability to speak past 9:15pm. Ask anybody).


When Will and I started dating, at the tender age of 17, I remember loving that he always smelled like fabric softener and soap, and thinking that he had the softest, warmest hands I'd ever held. Sometime in the first year of our relationship, I remember thinking that I wanted those hands to hold my babies someday. In fact, I told my friend, Catherine... who may have dumped ice on me. (Did I mention I was 17?)
It was a just a crazy thought then, but I think my head might actually spin around and explode when that small vision becomes a giant reality this December. Could all this craziness be attributed to my mind's conscious or unconscious way of sorting out the events of our lives and the astounding ways they are coming full circle? Could my "insanity" just be a heightened state of realization? Is it too late to eat a wedge of cheese and mull this over? *spend 8 minutes debating cheese*

*head to fridge. forget about blog.*
*remember blog*
*try to remember where I put MacBook*
*found MacBook*

See what I mean? :) Sweet dreams, friends. May tomorrow bring a clear(er) head.

Friday, July 23, 2010

Oh, Baby, that's ugly.

In keeping with my recent theme of highlighting beloved design spaces, I thought I’d take a second to talk about the serious lack of style in baby nurseries.

Why baby nurseries, you ask? Well, because Will and I are proud to say that we are preparing for the arrival of our first little one- a boy. Boy oh boy. :)

At 19 weeks (and 2 days)(but who’s counting?), we are in full planning mode. I have been so excited to design a new room, that I never anticipated baby bedding, gliders, mobiles, and rugs would all be so….YUCK!

I want to design a room that I could easily move into if I were very short and 8 er so pounds. The bedding should match the tone of bedding I’d buy for myself-- today. I want this little guy to wake up and feel inspired by the light and the beauty that surrounds him. Although since I'm fairly certain he'd be content in a manger, I at least need to feel inspired during my late night feedings. Isn't the nursery just as much for the baby as it is for the mom and dad? ;) If I am handed one more patchwork brown bear quilt, I am going to kick the Babies R Us lady squarely in the kneecaps.

So I’m on the hunt. The hunt for great modern bedding, deliciously designed accessories, and sweet, soft organics that don’t make me want to throw things. We’ve landed on several items (all adult BTW) for the renovation that include rich golds, dark navy blues, bright whites, and clean lines. I found amazing bedding (for, ahem, $400) at laylagrace, but also a cute and way less expensive alternative (dwell studio for target) that may work just as well for something that will ultimately be thoroughly pooped and vomited on. I would like to think that $400 baby bedding has some sort of self cleaning function... like good ovens do.

On second thought, a couple bags of critter cage wood chips might be just as effective (and cuter). Hear that Babies R Us? These are the cries of a desperate woman.

Here are a couple elements we've settled on thus far. Have ideas? Send em my way!