Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Green Peace

What makes me warm, tingly and giddy with delight? Great design. Beautiful living spaces, intense green spaces and mossy gardens that last for days. With spring on the loom, my gorgeous daffodils and hyacinths are holding their beautiful bold heads up in spite of the morning frost, and what a treat. I love them more each year, I think.

Since green is my very favorite color, inspiration like this makes me want to paint all the walls, all the doors and breathe deeply....

(shown: Chloe Sevigny home, Miles Redd home (House Beautiful), Steven Gambrel house in Long Island, Leger Wanaselja Architecture, Pascal/Richie house (Dwell))

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Wonder Wayne

Wayne is my homeboy.

That’s right, Dr. Dyer, your worlds have been beating in my brain this week, and I am pretty pumped about it. It’s SO exciting to be seeing my own true Power of Intention come alive in my life! (hurky!)

Now, it’s true… for 13 er so months, I’ve been caught somewhere in the balance of new-age thinking. But my friend and co-worker, upon hearing me mention my own law of attraction leading to some sort of undesirable outcome, arrived at work the following morning with a fist full of discs- 7 to be exact, labeling for me Dr. Wayne Dyer’s secrets. “You need this,” she said poking my shoulder with her finger.

His messages rang true for me almost instantaneously, like an old book I forgot I read. I remembered his teachings somehow, but the familiarity didn’t reveal to me a way to come to terms with my own deep peace in an hour long CD so I began to change my nightly prayer. I pray that I might be an instrument of peace… you know, Saint Francis style. I thought…if I can be peaceful toward others (especially the ones I want to stab), the peace will come to me.

Live in the moment, and the stress of what’s past or the fear of what’s to come fades away. Freeing right? Easier said than done.

But this week, something cliqued, and it all went viral. Not only did I have the opportunity to share Dr Dyer with some good friends who needed it, his teachings came to me in a moment when I had the opportunity to give crucial advice, loving praise for a piece of new music, and detailed attention to strained relationship.

I am seeing DAILY events come to fruition by virtue of my thoughts alone. Will, too, has experienced doors flung open before him that he didn’t realize were closed or even locked to unveil a sequence of perfect events leading him to his ultimate goal. Too cool.

To check out “my homie, Wayne” click here and try not to hurl at the cheesy book covers. The stuff on the inside really is super. I will also send these 7 CDs to you too wherever you are! Let me know who you are, and consider it done. J