Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Work it, love it

After graduating from Indiana (ahem... 7 er so years ago), I realized how much I had taken the deep beauty of Her campus for granted. Wandering through flowering arboretums and into gorgeously sculpted architecture each spring was added nourishment to each of our blossoming minds.

Such a sad surprise to arrive at your first little job and see short grey carpet-covered walls, a grey desk, a brown cabinet and overhead florescents (shudder). How could this help anyone excel? I feel depressed just imagining it! Sure, I'd tote in a couple green plants, a rug, and my own lamp in hopes of making it my own, but the cube farms and sealed 37th floor windows always seemed more like sterile cells than places where new ideas were born.

I have been fortunate, though, since entering the ad industry, to work with folks that appreciate great design and beautiful open workspaces. Any why shouldn't they? We do spend the majority of our lives under these roofs. Still, I sometimes dream of working from home, and creating a space that's all mine-- where all of my books can live together in harmony- like all books should. Plus, I hear Golden Retrievers are the perfect accessory to any room.

Daily inspiration- the workspace:

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Lisa said...

I love these home office spaces! Give me those high bookshelves and something pretty outside of that window...mmmm yes :)